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Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

1950’s Westinghouse Roaster

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These model roasters were made between 1949 to 1953. Mel and I purchased ours off of Craigslist and it wasn’t in too bad of shape. The stand the roaster sits on had rust on the bottom outside edge and a few dents. I went to work on it right away sanding and pounding the dents out and in no time I had the bottom repainted in a “bisque” color to match the antique white of the roaster. When we purchased it there was no cord or dishes just the stand, roaster and the metal tray. I had wanted one of these for so long because I always thought the idea of cooking your whole dinner at the same time in one appliance was nifty. I found the cord at a thrift store and the replacement Westinghouse dishes we purchased off of Ebay. Mel and I still want to get all the accessories to this roaster like the griddle and the rotisserie so please let us know if you have a line on them. You see these roasters on Craigslist once in awhile so treat yourself and pick up one, they are a must for any kitchen!

Here are some endorsements from the “The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show” cast. This show was sponsored by Westinghouse. Check out that pink roaster up front! Westinghouse was a big name brand of the era.


Pearl Bailey, Man I Love Her Singing And Antics

Pearl Bailey is someone I stumbled across when I first got into 1940’s-1960’s nostalgia. I purchased an old vinyl of her greatest hits and I seriously played it till it wouldn’t play anymore. It’s really cool how she mixes singing with the rants she goes off on while in the song. She has been a long time favorite of mine and I hope this makes you want to check out her music catalog. The great thing about Pearl is that she wasn’t just a great singer she was also an author, TV show host and at one point she was a special ambassador to the United Nations. She wore many hats during her life and they all seemed to fit. In 1988 she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for all that she had done and because she was such a great American.

AH Stock Manufacturing Corp Vintage Grand Server Coffee Table or Bar

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This wonderful table was manufactured by A.H. Stock Manufacturing Corp. of Newton, Wisconsin, and is called the “Grand Server”. The title hits it on the head. Say you are throwing a dinner party and you need to spice things up. All you do is walk over, slide the top back and crack open your favorite spirits and presto instant party maker! Melody and I purchased this off of Craigslist awhile ago. We really love its kidney shape and the ultra comic white fabric that wraps around it. This table even has a hidden compartment to hide some other party makers.

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