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Pearl Bailey, Man I Love Her Singing And Antics

Pearl Bailey is someone I stumbled across when I first got into 1940’s-1960’s nostalgia. I purchased an old vinyl of her greatest hits and I seriously played it till it wouldn’t play anymore. It’s really cool how she mixes singing with the rants she goes off on while in the song. She has been a long time favorite of mine and I hope this makes you want to check out her music catalog. The great thing about Pearl is that she wasn’t just a great singer she was also an author, TV show host and at one point she was a special ambassador to the United Nations. She wore many hats during her life and they all seemed to fit. In 1988 she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for all that she had done and because she was such a great American.

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  1. Oh “Pearlie Mae”. One of a kind and legend for all times. What a great film clip. And who could forget her great character, “Big Mama” in the Disney movie, “The Fox & The Hound”. One of my very favorite Disney characters. Thanks for the memories!


  2. hepcatrestorations

    Yeah, she is really something isn’t she



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