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Daily Archives: July 21, 2011

Desi Arnaz Rockin’ “Babalu”

I love Lucille and Desi. I always enjoy when Desi performed on the show, he had real talent. It is a shame they are both gone now.


Atomic Shakespeare Cocktail Napkins

A friend of ours gave these to us and they are so cool. I love the art work by Mitch Hager (cartoonist). Personally I am not a fan of Shakespeare but I am when it comes to these napkins. Something so simple can be so cool sometimes.  There are 20 different sayings in a box. I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to actually use them but I was considering buying some retro frames and framing each one…..who knows we will see.

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Another Great Cartoon from the 50’s!

There’s room slide on in!

Mel and I purchased these online from an antique store in Florida. We were told they were out of a diner in the Midwest. Once they arrived we were not disappointed. It is hard to find real diner booths that are in such good shape from that era. The replicas they make today can not compare. They are covered in the “cracked ice” vinyl and the two tone color combination really pops. The feet of the booths are wrapped in a chrome guard. The tables and booths can actually be split if you wanted to create two seating areas. Mel and I like to hang out in here and listen to the Wurlitzer on Sunday mornings and drink our coffee. What a way to start a Sunday!

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I Chalk It All Up To Good Taste

Chalkware has been around since the late 18th century, and pieces from that era are considered more along the lines of serious art. The Chalkware we will be discussing comes much later than that and to me is considered to be art as well. Though Chalkware has been around a long time the retro collectible pieces that I will be showing you were made sometime between the 1940’s through the 1950’s. There was a resurgence of decorative Chalkware starting sometime in the 30’s or 40’s because of carnivals (Chalkware from that time is refered to as “Carnival Chalk”).  They were awarded to the lucky boy or girl who had won a carnival game. They were made of gypsum and were painted in water colors for eye appeal. Chalkware is very chip prone and can break with very little effort. This is why they have been getting harder and harder to find. Chalkware during the time we are discussing came in so many different forms. It was made into figurines, lamps, shadow boxes, shelves and I am sure a lot more than I am unaware of. Chalkware is still made today but to me the best Chalkware ever made was the Chalkware between the 1940’s through the 1950’s. Here are some pictures of some Chalkware Mel and I have.

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