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There’s room slide on in!

Mel and I purchased these online from an antique store in Florida. We were told they were out of a diner in the Midwest. Once they arrived we were not disappointed. It is hard to find real diner booths that are in such good shape from that era. The replicas they make today can not compare. They are covered in the “cracked ice” vinyl and the two tone color combination really pops. The feet of the booths are wrapped in a chrome guard. The tables and booths can actually be split if you wanted to create two seating areas. Mel and I like to hang out in here and listen to the Wurlitzer on Sunday mornings and drink our coffee. What a way to start a Sunday!

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  1. Well, I’ve been dying to see this booth since forever but I’m still outta luck cause I’m still not able to see any pictures except video’s on here – RATS!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Hey Vic,

      I am looking into the issue with you not being able to see everything. I am using an Apple to post everything and I am wondering if I need to format it differently so you can see it. Mel and I will try and fix it tonight.



  2. Yaaaay! I can see all the pictures now! And oh my, the booth is definately a show stopper! Amazing you were able to find one in this kind of pristine condition. Beautiful! And thanks for fixing the pic situation. Now I can enjoy your site all the more!


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