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Philco Predicta A Televison Ahead Of Its Time

With this model you were able to remove the monitor from the base and put it anywhere in the room.

I purchased our Philco Predicta off a gentleman on Craigslist not too long ago. The design of these TV’s are iconic. I really have a hard time thinking of any other items made during that time period that match its retro flare. The back story on this Perdicta is that it was used in a hotel chain. The previous owner advised me that the antenna was removed because the hotel chains would wire their own antenna into these TV’s. My goal is to try and find a replacement antenna and reinstall it. Also, the hotel installed a flip switch on top of the TV that was used to turn it on. The original TV would of been turned on from the switch on the lower left front. Though it has been modified I hope my efforts to bring it back to its original condition will do it justice. These TV’s are getting harder and harder to find.

Click Images to Enlarge

Here it is powered on. I need to test it with a DVD player to see if it gets an image

This area lights up when TV is on. I am missing one of the knobs but I hope to find one on Ebay

Modifications made by the Hotel

Ultra thin monitor for its time

Cabinet is in great shape!

Philco made many different models of the Predicta. Here are some other models that are very cool!

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Serious $$ for this fella!

They came in so many colors


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  1. Oh, that is William Shatner. We just saw this very Twilight Zone episode not too long ago.


    • hepcatrestorations

      That’s right, he did do a couple of episodes. The one I like is the one where he is in a commercial aircraft and he keeps seeing some kind of creature on the wing. Thanks soo much for your post!


  2. These are such awesome TV’s! Did you see the episode of “American Pickers” when they bought one (for practically a song), then traded it off almost immediately for something stupid like an old oil can or something similarally DUMB?! I wanted to slap em upside the head! It’s so funny, when I watch that program (religiously cause I love those guys) I am dumb founded by some of the awesome stuff they walk past & don’t even look at (that I would kill for!).


    • hepcatrestorations

      OMG, yes I saw that episode. I was in the process of taking my shoe off to slap him but then I realized I wasn’t there. I guess it wasn’t rusty enough for them because that’s what they like. No hate though, I love them too and think they’re great.



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