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Fran Taylor’s Gay Fad Beau Brummel Cocktail Glasses

Man these glasses are blasted, They are so drunk they can’t stand upright. Look at em…..they are totally wasted.

You may be asking yourself how the shape of these glasses came about. Well don’t worry, our crack team of one investigator was able to find out the following information…

“The story goes that Gay Fad’s first bent-stem cocktail glasses were an “oops!” caused by a malfunctioning firing oven that overheated to the point where it melted the glass and bent the stems. But rather than discarding the distorted glasses, Fran Taylor decided she liked the look and a whole new line of bent-stem glasses was born! In fact, the 1951 Gay Fad catalog urges buyers to “Add hilarity to the party! Serve the third round of drinks in bent and distorted Beau Brummels cocktail glasses.”


The one thing that is for sure is that these glasses are unmistakable in form and unforgettable as unique bar ware.

The whole lot of them are staggering drunk! That's it I am closing your tabs out.....go home!

Mug Shot 1

Mug Shot 2

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  1. These would look awesome in the hoosier you bought and posted – the one I love. I never knew about this collection! I will keep my eyes open now. Did Mel tell you about the Alameda Flea Market? You guys totally need to go. I also found out that the Gilroy antique stores are so awesome. It is the 2nd time I have been! I love your blog! Cheers!


    • hepcatrestorations

      You’re right, maybe I will move my glassware into that cabinet once it is done. Mel has mentioned the Alameda Flea Market but we have not had a chance to go yet. Everyone has told us that is the hot ticket if you are into antiques. Thanks for the tip on Gilroy, Mel and I will have to check it out.


  2. These are so adorable. I remember so many people having these in their homes “back in the day” , and in past years seeing them so many places at bargain prices. Now they’re next to impossible to find & NOT so bargain prices when you do run into them. Simply adorable!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Mel recently scored a GF shot glass at a thrift store for .99. Definitely keep your eye out because they still make their way into the most unlikely places.


  3. Im getting ready to buy over 600 pieces of gay fad im so excited



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