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1950 Time Warp

Melody and I acquired our Snider clock from one of our friends. These clocks scream 1950’s! The styling is so atomic and the functionality is really convenient.

Our Model 505 Snider clock

Harry Snider is the creator of the “Snider clock”. In 1957 he designed  and registered these clocks in Canada. He designed three different models and each one was cool in its own right. All of these lights came in five colors: black, sandalwood, pink, turquoise and white.

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Snider Model 503

Model 503 is commonly referred to as the “butterfly or bowtie” model.

Snider Model 504

Model 504 is known as the “In-car heater” model.

Snider Model 505

is called the “squashed diamond” model.


We also acquired two more clocks from the same friend. These are similar to the Snider 503 model clock in the way of design and that they double as a light but they were made by a different manufacturer. The manufacturer of these two clocks is United Clock Corp. of Brooklyn. These clocks when lit have a starburst pattern on the parchment lining.

We have two of the same model

Here it is lit up

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  1. Love the pink one!! I think I’m going to have to get on the road like you and Melody do. Besides, what a great excuse to get the heck out of Dodge, right?! :- )


    • hepcatrestorations

      You know it! I hate to say it but it is getting more and more difficult to find good picks in the central valley. It is a long drive but NV does have a few shops that carry a few mid century things. I would love to actually go down to Palm Springs to poke around. I have heard such great things about that location but you better bring a good amount of cash because they have a lot of cool stuff at a higher price (they know what they have).


      • Oh yeah – Palm Springs would be a veritable treasure trove of quality, EXPENSIVE items. Definately not a place for bargain hunters or resellers for sure. But it sure would be a fun experience & a nice vacation!


      • hepcatrestorations

        Maybe one day I will make it down there but not anytime soon I fear.


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