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Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

Monsanto Chemical Company Presents The House of the Future!

Monsanto Chemical Companies "Home of the Future" at Disneyland (1957-1967)

This is for you Vic.

This home was an exhibit at Disneyland from 1957-1967. This house was made of 99.97% of artificial materials. It was cutting edge for its time. Plastics were a new thing and revolutionized and modified building materials that were available.

Ok, I have an excuse as to why I don’t have one of these….I wasn’t alive yet. For all of those of you who were alive during that time I want to know why you didn’t buy one of these!?

Here is a video I found on this marvelous house. I wish it was better quality but this is the best I could find.

Part 1

Part 2

Here are some pictures of the inside and some literature:

Click Images to Enlarge

The house's designers, Marvin Goody and Richard Hamilton.

Looks good even at night!

Soo retro!


Oh! I want one sooooo bad!!!

Floor Plan


Update! 40’s and 50’s cabinet resto!

Well I am getting into the restoration of these two cabinets and here is how it looks so far. 1940’s small Hoosier: This cabinet is going to require a lot of work. The lower cabinet on the left side is warped really bad. This is going to require either replacement of the panel or attempts […]

1950’s Train Travel

Railroad is a big part of my family. My father and grandfather were both railroad engineers. They both worked on the Rock Island railroad for years before the Rock Island went under. Railroad is what brought our family to California. My father was transferred here and worked for the Union Pacific for many years. My dad said growing up in Illinois and being Irish you had three career choices: priest, cop or railroad man.

Railroad is still a large part of this country and what makes it successful. Somehow the golden era of railroad travel has faded. I watch so many classic films where the main mode of travel was by train. It was the way to travel during that era and it was luxurious and mysterious. I know we are in such a hurry to get everywhere that we no longer have the patience for leisure travel. The following video shows what it use to be like.

Vista Dome Adventure

Here are some ads I found on-line

Click Images to Enlarge

Imagine the beauty of Canada flying by

So cool!

Observation deck

Look at the view!!!

A view like that has to be good for digestion!

See, even cowboys rode on these trains!

Very cool


Ok, I go to S.F. all the time and would ride this in a hart beat!


Thinking….why did we bring the kids!!

Connecting families

Leg room for days!Look how swanky all the fixtures are

Everyone dressed nicer then

My pop’s worked on this railroad!

I bet sleeping on this train was a treat

Cool styling

I am people!

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