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1950s TV Lamps

To me these TV lamps are pieces of art. There were soo many different ones made by a lot of different manufacturers (Royal Fleet, Maddux, Lane, Texans Inc., Kron, Fuhry & Sons, Jacquelin, Royal Haeger…). The necessity of these lamps came about when televisions started showing up in homes. When watching the early televisions you had to watch them in almost complete darkness because of the low luminosity, making low light viewing a genuine benefit. The common belief was that watching the television in complete darkness caused eyestrain, hence the birth of the television lamp. Creators of these lamps didn’t just crank out some cheap looking garbage they took this opportunity to introduce wild designs with radiant colors into consumers homes. I actually started collecting these just recently. I hope you can appreciate their beauty as I do.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use these just on top of televisions, you can use them as additional lighting in any room.

Here are a couple that I have and enjoy.

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  1. This is awesome! I had no idea about these lamps. I would LOVE to get my hands on one from Haeger. (That is my maiden name – exact spelling.) I will keep my eyes open for you, as well! Cheers! Sherry


  2. I didn’t know you collected these! I just picked up the double Siamese cats w/blue gemstone eyes and they are so pretty! One of the gemstone eyes is missing & I’ve been having a hard time finding replacements but I got a line on a woman that sews theatrical costumes & ice skating costumes & I think I should be able to get some through her. I noticed a lot of them selling online are without the eyes & they just look creepy! I’ll hopefully have it ready for the store soon so lemme know if you’re interested.


  3. If you run across any of the old Fuhry & Sons brass or wire lamps, give me a holler. I see many of our old chinese junk and panther lamps around, but I haven’t seen any of the brass or wire table fixtures. But then, I haven’t been looking that long! Anything nice by Fuhry you run across, I’d like to take a look at, just for old times’ sake, and perhaps to buy!



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