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Souvenir Tablecloths

This is the coolest image and can be found on the New Mexico tablecloth

If you have a retro pad or you want to add a bit of atomic design then this is the hot ticket. These started being sold some time in the 1930’s.  In the early 1940’s with more people owning cars many families would travel to different states and buy tablecloths & kitchen towels as a souvenir of the states they had visited. These tablecloths came in many themes such as states, cities and even landmarks. I think with summer here it is a really cool addition to a table or in some instances if you find a really cool one you could consider framing it. I love the vibrant colors and the illustrations on them. Here are a few that I think are cool! Enjoy my friends!

click on images to enlarge

Color overload!

I love the imagery on this one

Wow, the whole coucntry!

A big tablecloth for a big state!

This is us boys and girls!

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  1. I love these! Are they yours or did you find them on a website?


  2. These are adorable. I’ll keep my eye peeled for ya!



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