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Classic Fear


As you can tell from all the posts made so far I am a fan of classic movies. I really LOVE old horror and science fiction films. I wanted to take a moment to showcase some of the films that you should take an opportunity to watch if you haven’t already. Movies from this era used more of the story and your imagination to scare you, not a bunch of  special effects.

(1941) Wolf Man

(1954) The Creature from the Black Lagoon

(1941) Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde

(1951) The Thing

(1951) The Day The Earth Stood Still

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  1. Those movies SCARE ME – even today. My imagination just goes crazy…. but I do like to watch them! 🙂


  2. Aren’t these just great! When they came out I was too young & my mom wouldn’t let me & my sister see them, but as a teen there was a late night show on TV on Saturday nights in Sacramento called the Bob Wilkins late night something-or-other & I was a devotee! He was sort of an oddball character but everyone loved him – his show was quite popular – maybe a bit cultish but I absolutely loved the show & the movies! The horror films of today are far too graphic and sick for anyone, let alone kids (who DO watch them). Ahhh, the good ol days ;- )


  3. I have seen ALL the horror movies from that era. I was 6 yrs. old when I convinced my dad that I was old enough to accompany my older brother and sister to go to THE THING. The part in the movie when THE THING unthaws in the airplane and puts his hand on the door I ran screaming down the aisle of the theater and my mom had to come and pick me up. I LOVE all the old horror movies. The new ones……..too much gore! I also love the old 1940’s movies where they left things to your imagination, like sex, instead of showing it all in front of you. It’s supposed to be a private moment, not seen by viewers, in my opinion.

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