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Our Dream Home

Mel and I have wanted to own an Eichler for some time. I wanted to show some really great info on these homes. I am sure there are some of you out there who might live in one of these and all I can say is LUCKY! If you ever want a nice drive then take a cruise through this beautiful community. Anyway here’s some great info on these masterfully crafted homes.

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  1. You know, it’s so funny because I thought recently if you’d ever seen or heard of these homes (silly me, I should have known!). And funny too that I did not know there are some in S. Land Park because I spent part of my childhood in that area. And when I was a sophmore in HS my best friend lived in an Eichler home in a suburb of Marin County called Terra Linda. It was barely developed at the time but there was (& hopefully still is!) a community of them there. They are incredible homes for sure. I’ll have to take a ride one day & do some exploring and find them in SLP! Also, speaking of Terra Linda, the Marin County Civic Center is there, and it is the last design by Frank Lloyd Wright & it is a stunning bit of architecture. It was completed in around 66 when I lived there. Check it out sometime!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Will do Vic. I stumbled onto the ones in the Sacramento area. They have started some kind of tour there once a year where you pay a fee and you get to tour all these peoples Eichler’s. I would like to do it this year if I can find out when.


  2. Sign me up for the tour too! Simply a MUST! Lemme know if you find out anything – we can all go and drool together



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