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Why can’t they all have fins

I don’t know about you but I don’t know why we stopped putting tailfins on cars. It added a flare to the design of a car. I would love to see my mini cooper with tail fins (I know that sounds strange). They really thought about design and used a lot of chrome and unique tail light shapes when they produced cars from that era. When I look at the classic cars from then they look like they are moving even when they are sitting still. These cars were designed from bumper to bumper. There was thoughtful consideration made with the design to the production. These cars were not plastic and fiberglass. They were made of heavy steel and durable materials. I don’t know if we could say that anything made today would last as long as these cars have. Here are a few unique fins and rear ends to some cool cars.

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  1. Well Hepcat – that 59 Chev Impala up there? That was my FIRST car! I adored it! I tell ya, I could pack half my high school class into that baby & most of the time I did! Haha! I have a picture of my high school sweetheart opening the car door for me (he didn’t have his own car) when we went to my senior ball. I looked like a baby beauty queen in my ice cream pink formal and he in (this is the truth) a white coat & pink carnation :- ) I miss these gorgeous cars so much. They were truly an art form and a thing of pure beauty. And what a HUUUGE event it was each year when a new model was unveiled! Showrooms would hang curtains up so no one could see them until the appointed night & they had those huge old flashlights lighting up the sky. It was sumthin I tell ya. You guys should come out to Graffiti Night at Folsom on August 20th! Thanks for more great memories.


    • hepcatrestorations

      Yeah, we’ll have to check out the Folsom Graffiti night. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll let you know if we’re able to make it out. BTW..I’d love to see that picture of you!


  2. One thing you didn’t point out is that, when looking at these cars “back in the day” (actually, for me, “back in the day” was the early ’70s, when there were still lots of ’50s cars on the road) you could always tell WHAT MAKE OF CAR it was, even at night, just by seeing the tail lights! Try that today: HA! They all look the same. The key word is STYLE: In the ’50s, guys who worked on the car bodies were called STYLISTS, and they used their imaginations using clay models….Now they’re called DESIGNERS, and computers do most of the work, rather than the human heart and soul. Also, the car bodies changed dramatically from year to year.. (Compare a ’57 Chevy to a ’58: COMPLETELY new body!) They can’t do that anymore .. Know why? You guessed it: MONEY! Costs millions to re-tool for a new body each year, so the cars look the same every year, with just minor tweaks to the trim or maybe a new little fender bulge here and there. Everything revolves around the “bottom line” now, instead of making things that are fresh and exciting. Just my two cents!


    • Hepcat Restorations

      Thanks for your insight Erroll. It is great to see you feel the same way I do. I agree with everything you said.



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