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Happy Birthday Lucille

Well if Lucille Ball was alive today she would be 100 years old. She was a real icon of Hollywood. We really do love you Lucy and I know I am not alone when we all say we wish you were still with us. I hope this makes you laugh as hard as I did. You are truly missed.

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  1. Hint… DO NOT WATCH WHILE WORKING IN A CUBICLE ENVIRONMENT!!! Unless you don’t mind people thinking you are crazy cuz you are laughing hysterically at nothing. I am used to people thinking I am crazy…. so it’s all good! (My favorite episode is still the Chocolate Candy one…. Happy Birthday, Lucy!


    • hepcatrestorations

      LOL, that’s great! That is a classic episode. I also like the one where she mashes wine grapes with that large lady, too funny.


  2. The absolute queen of comedy and probably THE best sitcom EVER. Thank you for posting this beautiful tribute. Whata girl!



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