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Idaho Motel Sign Update

I am sorry I have not posted more as of recently, I have been traveling.

This was the sign before I removed the arrow.Anyways, I have started back on the 1940’s neon sign again. Yesterday I managed to remove the arrow portion of the sign. I like the sign a lot better without the arrow. I am in the process of taping off the letters and repainting them with Rust-Oleum Biscuit colored appliance paint (great for all metal surfaces.) I hope to have one side finished by tomorrow and then on to the next. Hopefully by mid next week it will be completed and moved into the house as a room divider. I am still debating on getting neon installed due to cost but we will see.

I have painted most of the letters except the “O’s” & the “D”. The Maroon back ground has already been re-sprayed. If you are having a hard time seeing a difference then that means I am doing a good job at making it look original.

Here it is without the arrow.

The only thing I have changed on the sign is the blue-green color that I painted instead of leaving it maroon.

As you can see the "H" has been painted. The "O" has original wear that I will soon repaint.

This is what I am using on the letters. I use this for all my metal projects because the finish is excellent. It comes in a few different colors at Lowes.


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  1. I love it!!! What a cool room divider!!!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks. It is just taking forever to get it done. It will look great I think when I am finished. Thanks for all your comments today!


  2. Kiddo – you are just sumthin else! The sign looks exquisite! You are such an incredible talent. I’m having a hard time thinking what rooms this is going to divide – where???


  3. Would you come redecorate my house? Please. :- )


    • hepcatrestorations

      You don’t need me, your house is very cool. I really love the fireplace/BBQ in the dinning room. I would use it all the time.



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