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Womens Fashion of the 1950s

I think the fashion from this era was so glamorous. The women and men of that time period took pride in their appearance and really knew what looked good. The women of that time really tried to look glamorous at all times. Here are some clips showing what the women of that time period were wearing.

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  1. So the outfits from ‘The Long, Long Trailer’ were AWESOME! All I could think about and look at were the clothes Lucy wore….
    Thanks for the pics!


  2. Oh fine! Just what I needed. So, you wanna come out & fold the mountain of laundry I’m NOT doing while drooling & swooning on here?!?! You’re a very bad influence but…..this is FANTASTIC! “Dry it in a stocking”? “More leather than Daniel Boone”? Hilarious! But also sooooo droolworthy! Has there ever been an era of such glamour & femininity? Perhaps Jean Harlow in the 20’s but in a very different way. Goose & I had very seriously considered concentrating on this direction in our little business (& as you know we do occasionally pick up some darling finds) but finding the very best has become quite a task as well as expensive. Girls are getting wise again ;- ) I just adore the retro girls that come into the store sometimes – some in pin-curls & bandanas, some in tight capri’s & halter tops & bright red lipstick. Never fails to tickle me pink to see Betty Page walk through the door. Wow, there’s another story altogether! (whew! that Betty!). The laundry is now screaming at me. Nuther great job Hepcat! Keep up the good work!



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