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The Twilight Zone

This episode titled “Nothing in the Dark” is a trip because you get to see a really, really young Robert Redford and also Glayds Cooper, plus the story is good! They relied more on story telling then special effects to creep you out or to intrigue you. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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  1. Thanks for the eye-candy! Robert Redford is my #3 hottie…. 🙂 Is that too much info? LOL. #2 is Pierce Brosnan. And #1 is my awesome hubby! I LOVE this episode. I didn’t remember it but it sure was fun watching! Cheers!


  2. Number 3?!?! Well, one must slip with age I guess ;- ) But he sure was one droolworthy babe in the day! Definately my #1 swoon for many years! I’ll take Johnny Dep in MY old age! Hey, one is NEVER too old to dream (& take an occasional peek too. We don’t go blind, we just need stronger lenses – haha!). Anyway…I digress. Twilight Zone was a weekly event at the Kennedy house for sure! My mom, who hated scarry movies loved this show. And my sis & I loved screeching and being scared to death! It’s amazing the LONG list of “unknown” actors who were on this show that went on to become huge names on the big screen.



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