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Roman Holiday

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This romantic comedy was released in 1953. Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance; the screenplay and costume design also took statuettes. The story is about a runaway princess in Rome who finds love with a reporter who knows her true identity. This is a great movie that also stars Gregory Peck. The story is light and the movie keeps you entertained. This film also helped America fall in love with the Vespa scooter.

Trailer for 1953 Roman Holiday:

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  1. I love Audrey Hepburn’s style! I love watching these old movies for the clothing styles and the innocence of the stories. This story has been remade a couple of times in recent years but the 1953 version is still the one that grabs at my heart! Thanks for the reminder! Now I have to go find a copy of that skirt!!! Or learn to sew ….. hahaha… shopping it is! Cheers!


  2. Wow, I just saw this recently on TCM. What an enchanting movie it was. I think everything Audrey did was enchanting. And like Sherry, I adore watching these old films to swoon over the fashions and the outstanding background decor. Man-Oh-Man, would SO love to get my mitts on some of the furniture & accessories. ANYTHING “Audrey” we take into the store – photo’s, Audrey-style dresses or hats FLIES right out the door. I’ve got a smashing black Audrey-style sheath dress and netted hat to take in this weekend & I know it’s gonna disappear as soon as it gets there. Thank you Audrey! Anyway, thank YOU too Hepcat! Nuther fine blog today


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