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Drinking the Kool Aid


While I was working today in the garage I was hot and had a hankering for some Kool My favorite flavor is cherry, how about you? That got me to thinking that there was some cool commercial from the 50’s so here ya go!

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  1. Lucky!! We rarely got Koolaid!!! Mom wouldn’t let us have that “poison”. Hahaha.


  2. (Ah, so that’s how you get so much done! Sugar rush! ;- ) We didn’t get Kool Aid too much cause Dad was a driver for Hires Root beer so we always had tons of cases of all kinds of soda in the garage. We were so envious of all the other kids that got Kool Aid – and they were so jealous of all the cases of soda we had in our garage! It was a treat to be at THEIR houses & get Kool Aid. That it made TWO quarts was a big selling feature and a pack of it was only five cents!



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