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Tiki Side Tables

Tiki Lounge Set Before Restoration

I’m in the middle of restoring a full tiki set that I acquired from my friend Vic. Today, I finished a couple of side tables from the set. The wood on the tables were in pretty bad shape so I light sanded the surfaces because it is only a veneer. If you sand too much you will sand through the veneer and it will look horrible. I started sanding with a medium grade sand paper and then once I got most of the surface removed I switched to a fine grade sand paper to even out the surface. I then stained it with “minwax ipswich pine“. This is the same stain I used on the Heywood Wakefield set I re-finished from an earlier post. I love the warmth of that stain and I think it compliments the tiki set nicely. I then let the stain dry overnight and wiped the surfaces down with a micro-fiber cloth to remove dust and particles. I applied a couple of coats of spray semi-gloss polyurethane (you have to wait two hours between applications). Once I was satisfied with the finish I used “0000” steel wool and car wax to smooth out the surface. Here are some before and after pictures of one of the tables.


Close up of Wood Grain Before

Wood Grain After


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  1. OHHHHHHH my gawd!!!!! Oh my. They look like new furniture! I had NO clue how to deal with them. You are a freaking genius! I’m totally floored. And shamed that I wasn’t able to do that BEFORE you got them. I’m learning tho. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us. Simply spectacular! Can’t wait to see it all done & together in the diner. (I’m copying your instructions up there to keep in my files). Whew, you knocked the wind outta me on this!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks for all the positive feedback on those. I’m really happy about the way they turned out. BTW, Friday I dropped off one of the cushions in the tiki set to get the zipper repaired. I also dropped off the ottoman cushion to get it recovered. If you ever need some upholstery work let me know, I have a great contact.

      We’re even because I didn’t know there was such nice wood under the coffee/end table set I sold you. Otherwise, I might not have let them go :). I have so many items to restore that I find there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. So, I have to let things go un-restored. I am really glad those tables made their way to you. I am sure they will turn out fabulous.


  2. Gorgeous! This would go perfectly in my pretend Hawaiian condo decorated Tommy Bahama style!!! Great job!



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