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Second Sunday Finds


Great day to be out!

Today Mel and I ventured out to the second Sunday antique faire under the bridge. I really like this fair because it is local and there are a lot of vendors selling really great stuff. Mel and I usually wake up at 5am to get there by 7am. A word of advice, if you are going really early bring a flashlight to help see because it is difficult when it is still dark. We managed to find a lot of cool things this time and look forward to introducing them into our decor.

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  1. Ok…. I am seriously in need of the cat TV lamp… seriously! I am so jealous you found it and I didn’t! Ask Mel, I am looking for a “cute” one! Good job! 🙂 And the pinup paraphernalia you found…. swoon! You HAVE to run out of room one day…. I am standing by for that day! 🙂 I love your website and so enjoy living vicariously through you…. Second Sunday’s, huh? I am going to have to come up there for the Second Saturday and Second Sunday for a weekend of fun! Have a great week! 🙂


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Sherry! Our friend Vic has a a cat lamp like the one we bought. She is in the process of looking for one replacement eye. Once she finds one I will let you know and she might sell it to you. I hope we don’t run out of room but if we do I will let you know. Second Sunday is a must for anyone who loves antiques, you got to check it out.


  2. Hooooleeee Mackerel Hepcat!!! Did you guys score or WHAT! I am totally pea green with envy! All I did yesterday is breathe sanding dust! No fair! Well that does it – I’m for sure going to have to do this one. Next month FOR SURE! Do you have to park miles away? I can’t believe all the great finds you made. And to Sherry – when I find that little gemstone eye for the kitty lamp I’ll let Hepcat know. I can’t believe you found the kitty lamp with all the eyes still intact. Most of the ones I see are missing them all together. Lucky you! (*grumble-grumble*). You said you got some great prices, but overall how do you think the vendor pricing is???? Would it be worth it for a re-saler like myself to go?



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