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A Master of his craft

Boris Karloff (November 23, 1887 to February 2, 1969)

I have loved Mr.Karloffs abilities since the first time I saw him in Frankenstien. I think I have seen every movie he has made. He was his own make up artist and received a lot of praise for his abilities. In contrast to the sinister characters he played on-screen, Karloff was known in real life as a very kind gentleman who gave generously, especially to children’s charities. Beginning in 1940, Karloff dressed up as Santa Claus every Christmas to hand out presents to physically disabled children in a Baltimore hospital. His best-known non-horror role is as the Grinch in the animated television special of Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. I know a lot of his earlier movies were before the 1940’s but I still felt the need to blog about him. I hope you don’t mind.

Here are a few of his movies that I have enjoyed watching.

Released in 1931

Released in 1935

Released in 1932


Released 1945

Released 1945

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  1. Boris freaks me out.. but I am glad you enjoy him… someone must for how populate he is! 🙂



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