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Our Big Red Story Book

Mel and I came upon this at an antique store in Chico about 3-4 months back. I fell in love with the imagery and thought it would be an interesting piece to have around. This book was originally published in 1949, but the version we have is released in 1957. This was used as a teachers aid in school for reading to elementary school kids. This book is seriously large, it measures 19″ wide x 26″ high! It has 30 pages of story and images. If I had a child and I wanted to decorate the room and I got this book for free or just wasn’t in love with it then I would consider framing each page and hanging them on the wall. The images are so 50’s!

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  1. Oh my goodness! My first grade teacher totally used this for our reading lessons! We had little books that were the same and we “practice” at the 1/2 round tables with the teacher sitting in the middle. I LOVED READING! Ask Mel if she was irritated because the boys were always slower learners and it took FOREVER when it was there turn to read. 😉 Being the mom of 2 boys…. girls that think they know everything are MEAN! Hahahaha….. cheers!


    • hepcatrestorations

      I also remember sitting on the floor in elementary school and our teacher reading to us. I use to really look forward to that. I hope they still do that in school.



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