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Bob Hope USO Shows

He did so much with his humor and antics to help the morale of our troops

The United Service Organizations (USO) was established to provide morale and recreation services to U.S. uniformed military personnel by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941. I like watching old clips on the shows and being a veteran myself I think anything we can do to help make our men and women in service forget about things for a while should be done. I truly hope these shows are still taking place because it brings a little of home to these far off places.  Bob Hope was a true hero who entertained 1,000’s of troops for soo many years with his shows and Christmas specials. He was a true American. God bless you Bob Hope.


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  1. The USO is still touring! Check out this website! I am ALL FOR supporting our troops in anyway we can! I love the men and women who are fighting and protecting our freedoms!


  2. Bob Hope was a true humanitarian. I watched my first Bob Hope Christmas show when I was 4 during the Korean war & never missed a single one until he had to stop doing them. They were an annual event that was the same as Christmas itself – not to
    be missed. I admire & commend the entertainers who are currently going overseas for our troops. During Viet Nam my sis and I would go to the USO dances at Mather AFB (mom always hoped we’d snag a handsome officer ;- ) In such a miserable backdrop, those dances really were a great time & we met some wonderful guys. Also during Viet Nam, every Sunday my ma would go to Mather or McClellan & get 3 or 4 fellas that were away from home & bring them to our house for Sunday dinner. We were a very patriotic family – and still are! Once again, thank YOU for the memories! (something tells me I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day now! Oh well, it’s a good one :- ) BTW – the Viet Nam clip made me cry Hepcat :- (


    • hepcatrestorations

      More people should open their homes to these soldiers for dinners and holidays. I commend your family for embracing them. I know when I was in the service and at a place where I knew no one I would of loved someone to invite me to their house for dinner so I didn’t spend the holidays alone. That would be a great organization for someone to start, they could call it “adopt a solider”. Unfortunately, people seem to be very unwilling to trust people anymore. When it comes to our service men and women I get very emotional, that Vietnam clip made me tear up too. I know from being there what is sacrificed and I really feel for them. God bless our armed forces.


      • Omigosh! Why haven’t I thought of this before?! *slapping forehead*. Believe it or not, mom used to just drive up to the gate, tell them what she was looking for her and they would direct her where to find people. That of course would NOT be the case today. I wonder who I could contact to find out this sort of thing? I guess the closest base is Travis, right? I wonder where would I even start? Ideas? I would LOVE to bring some of these kids into my home for holidays. Hmmm.


      • hepcatrestorations

        I agree. Travis or Beal are the closest Air Force bases. I am not sure what other bases are around Sac. I guess you would have to call around. I am sure the VA might be able to help.


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