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Small Cabinet Repairs

I know it looks good from here but trust me it needs some attention.

today I tried to make up some ground after traveling for 3 days. I decided to hit the small cabinet again and try to fix some of the issues with the cabinet. The first thing we did was frame off the side of the lower cabinet that is bowed out. Then we took a belt sander with 100 grit sand paper and sanded it flat.This helped flatten the outside of the lower cabinet.  As you can see from the pictures the areas that are sanded are the high spots and the areas that still have paint are the low spots. I will know when it is flat when all the paint is gone.

This is a lower view of the lower cabinet. As you can see the boards that were glued together now bow out.

Here you can see the high spots and low spots. Belt sanders are great but make sure you watch how much material is being removed.

Then we focused on the upper cabinet. There was a chunk of wood chipped out of the back edge. We ended up using a  router to cut out the bad area and squared out the hole made by the router. We then cut a piece of wood just a little oversized and glued in place to sit over night. Once the glue is dry I will sand it flush and use wood filler to fill any gaps that may be present.

This is the problem area on the back edge of the upper cabinet.

When using a router make sure you test on a piece of scrap wood before you use it on you project incase there is a problem.

The router worked great! Now we will make sure the hole is square and glue in a repair piece of wood.

Replacement wood glued in place and clamped.

Now I will let the cabinet repair dry overnight and will try to hit it again tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! Lots of work and great job! Thanks for sharing the process! Good luck!


  2. Freaking GENIUS, that’s whatcha are! Can’t wait to see the end product! I’m going to finish the coffee table Saturday (this sure takes away from my weekend picking time! – i.e., saving $$’s :- ) I’m going to put the oil on it. I’m SO excited to see how it’s going to look. Course this is babycake stuff compared to the above! But one has to start somewhere I guess :- ) It’s lookin great Hepcat!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Vic. Once that oil hits that wood you are going to very surprised and pleased. I recommend after you oil it get a paste wax and rub it in and follow its directions. This will help to water proof the surface to some degree.


      • I watched American Restoration recently & he said an old product called “Tree Wax” is what he uses. Opinion? Recommendations?


      • hepcatrestorations

        Well Vic I have never used “Tree Wax”, I am not even sure where you can get it. If I need wax for furniture I usually buy Minwax paste finishing wax. It seems to work very well for me. Let me know what you find out or if you can locate the “Tree Wax”.


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