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Bon Voyage!

Railroads, ocean liners, and airplanes were among the technological marvels of the early 20th century that made pleasure travel feasible and luxurious. This new found freedom to explore the world sparked a Golden Age of Travel that would last – despite a Great War and a Depression – until the outbreak of World War II. I have always had an appreciation for the artistic flare of travel posters from the 30’s to the 60’s. The artists really did a great job at capturing your imagination and igniting your passion to travel. A lot of the imagery was very colorful and simple with an art deco flare to them.

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  1. Oh… I love these… being in logistics I have ALWAYS wanted to collect travel posters. One day, when I have a stick house, I plan to do so. Thank you for sharing these! So pretty and provoking thoughts of a more innocent world. When we were in the Florida Keys there were TONS of these types of posters everywhere I looked! Have a great weekend.


  2. These are breathtaking! I simply MUST have the Ireland one! And the Pan Am clipper one I love too. After I took my first flight (on a prop plane from the old (now) Sac Executive airport) I spent the rest of my girlhood wanting to be a glamourous “airline stewardess”. I had babies instead (needless to say, far LESS glamourous). Looking at these posters just takes one away to a different place and time. Simply fabulous.



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