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Jayne Mansfield

This is one of my favorite pictures of her. This image is soo 50’s!

Jayne Mansfield was working both on Broadway and in Hollywood. One of the leading blond sex symbols of the 1950s, Mansfield starred in several popular Hollywood films that emphasized her platinum-blond hair, hourglass figure and cleavage-revealing costumes.

While Mansfield’s film career was short-lived, she had several box office successes. She won the Theater World Award, a Golden Globe and a Golden Laurel. She’s well-known for her starring roles in The Girl Can’t Help It (1956) and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957).

As the demand for blond bombshells declined in the 1960s, Mansfield was relegated to low-budget film melodramas and comedies, but remained a popular celebrity. Her most noted film in the ’60s was the romantic-comedy, Promises! Promises! (1963), in which she appeared nude in four scenes.

In her later career she continued to attract large crowds in foreign countries and in lucrative and successful nightclub tours. Mansfield had been a Playboy Playmate of the Month and appeared in the magazine several additional times. She died in a horrible automobile accident at age 34.


Here are two trailers to movies that helped her get her notoriety as a sex symbol:

1956 – The Girl Can’t Help It

1957 – Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Here are some great photos of her…

Look at her hair, she looked so glamorous!

Getting NO love from Sophia Loren…….LOL!

Looking good in that hat

Acting must be in the blood. Her daughter Mariska Hargitay stars in “Law and Order SVU” as detective Olivia Benson. You can see similar facial features to her late mother.

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  1. She was a bombshell all right! The pic of her and Sophia is hysterical! Bet Hedda Hopper caught that one & had some comments in “Photoplay” magazine :- ) Sure wish I could have back all my “movie magazines” again. They were so great. Not like the current rag sheets. Lots of gossip but far more gentle I think (although Hedda could do a flaying for sure). I’d spend hours mulling through them. BTW – it took someone to tell me Mariska Hargity was her daughter. I sure only see a very small resemblance. But I think she’s a much better actress than her mom.


    • hepcatrestorations

      Yeah Sophia was obviously not happy sitting next to her. I actually think her daughter is much better looking then her mom but she is an icon.



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