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Retro Metal Soda Sign Chalkboards

Here you can see how rusty and beaten up the Pepsi sign is before Resto!

Mel and I picked these up on the last second Sunday we went to. Though I know metal sign purists say “Don’t change the sign or fix it” but I do not subscribe to the same rule of thought. I want to make sure the things I hang in my house are in the best possible shape they can be in. On these two signs I didn’t need to restore the “Crush” sign but the Pepsi sign had a lot of rust on it and I wanted to clean it up. I sanded any rough spots and taped off any areas I didn’t want to paint. I then used an bisque colored appliance paint and here we are.

This only needed to be cleaned up and sketched on.....what do you think?

Here you can see how clean the white areas are after painting. I might have to re-finish the blackboard part too.....we will see.

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  1. Oh lord – you’re an artist TOO?! What DON’T you do?! I think you should have your own TV show! That American Restoration guy’s got nuthin on YOU! Great job on the signs, and I’m with you on restoring & bringing the old into the now. There are traditionalists that cringe at the site of a paint brush or a piece of sandpaper but I think this new generation does still appreciate the vintage but do not like that “mildery” (I made that word up ;- ) beat up OLD look. Another job well done Hepcat!



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