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Moss Room Divider

Our new Moss room divider

Our good friend Frank allowed us to purchase this lamp from him. Moss room divider lamps are not as common as the regular lamps. This lamp is really cool when lit. The hanging light and the base light up when they are turned on. These lights had the great lucite construction that was a necessity because of the scarcity of metal due to World War II and the continued on even when there wasn’t metal rationing. Mel and I are very happy with this great lamp & divider.

Moss lamps have an interesting history, dating from the mid-1930’s. This line of plexiglass Moss lamps were designed and manufactured by Gerry Moss of San Francisco’s Moss Manufacturing Company. The concept behind the lamps was that they “do” something, like a value-added function. The earliest ones just spun, but later iterations included radios, clocks, walkie-talkies, fountains and even aquariums.


Here it is all lit up!

Shelves for you're knick knacks!

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  1. Awesome! (I want Frank for my new best friend!)



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