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1964 National Candy Vending Machine

I can't wait to freshen her up.

Mel and I purchased this awhile ago and just brought it home in the last day or so. I imagine it was in a theater, bowling alley or some other sort of public entertainment place. I am not someone who digs beige. I am a color person. I have some cool plans for this piece. Unlike the National vending machine Mel and I use to have from the 40’s (we just sold, see “Sold Items Archive“) this one has a light. I love the wording on the inside, it is soo 60’s. We also love the pointy legs…….I am a sucker for pointy legs. I hope to get it restored soon.

I really like the thin profile.

I really like the pinstripes and the lettering.

Here is the origin plate

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  1. I have 2 of these right now but im having trouble on how to change the pricing on it



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