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Westclox Resto

Here it is before I started.

 Mel and I picked this up at a Flea Market a couple of weeks ago. I thought this would be a quick resto I could do while finishing up the resto on the National vending machine. This was a pretty straight forward resto.

There was no good side to this clock before it was restored.

I had to rewire a new cord because this clock had a plug that terrified me to plug-in. I had to light sand the body of the clock and then primer and paint and here it is!

Now the front feet shine!

The face is clean and looks like new!

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  1. Great job! What did you clean the face with?


    • hepcatrestorations

      I use a cleaner called “Awesome”, and trust me the name fits. I buy it at the $1 store. I use it on a lot of my restorations.


  2. Terrific. You sure have talent and patience. What year would you date the clock?


    • hepcatrestorations

      Hey Michael,

      I think the clock dates from sometime in the 40’s. I assume this because of the Art Deco styling. Thanks sooo much for your question and your post!



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