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UPDATE: Fabric Change & Purchase for 6-Band Bamboo Set

Here is the set the fabric is for

We knew Jo-Ann fabrics was having a sale on fabric for the holiday so we headed over to buy the replacement upholstery for the cushions for the 6-band bamboo furniture set. I am going to have my good friend Bill from B&T Upholstery (I attached a link on the side bar of the main page to his website) recover the cushions. Here is our new fabric choice!

Thank You Jo-Ann's! They had a killer sale and we saved 70% on 21 yards of fabric!

I know this is different than I had originally stated I was going to go with but I just love this pattern.

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  1. Swoon – thud….that was me fainting at the gorgeousness of all of it!


  2. Oh man, that is HOT! It just might as well have your name written all over it! You know I wasn’t nuts about the fabric on the other set but I was surprised that it worked so well in the diner. But this…THIS is what I always pictured to be the WOW factor. And you hit a sale! High-fives all around. And what? You don’t sew too? ;- )


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks. I wish I knew how to sew……can you imagine a 280lb man with tattoos and shaved head wanting to sew, how manly am I? LOL!



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