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Cliff Robertson Dies at age 88

September 9, 1923  to  September 10, 2011

Cliff Robertson died on September 10th of natural causes at the age of 88. as an American actor with a film and television career that spanned half of a century. Robertson won the 1968 Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the movie Charly. His last film role was “Uncle Ben Parker” in the “Spider-Man” film series. Here are a couple of clip of my favorite movies he  made. One is him portraying John F. Kennedy when he was in the service and the other is him staring opposite Henry Fonda in the “Best Man” (this appears to be the whole movie).


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  1. He was so handsome. And so deserved his Academy Award for his role in Charley. I loved PT 109 too, but then I loved EVERYTHING JFK. Recently on one of my insomniac nights I caught an old “Gidget” movie and had not remembered it was Cliff Robertson who played “The Big Kahuna” & I just had to crack up. Those movies were so silly but I do remember swooning when I read the books & watched the movies. Such an innocent time.


  2. Too bad I can’t go on forever! I contributed – brought two kids to the world for pete’s sake. Never won any awards for it either ;- )



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