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Retro Style Couch and Chair

Mel and I just loved the style of these couches and believe it or not they are not old they are modern but look soo great when paired with retro decor. I am not a stickler on remakes of classic designs. I think if it is done right then what is the big deal? I am a big guy and the idea of sitting an a couch with tiny pointy legs with an old structure terrifies me. I wanted something built like a TANK! This set is heavy and well-built. We really think the fabric is soo cool and here are some pictures of them in our home.

The wedge-shaped arm rest is soo atomic. The design will remain timeless.

We still need to find cool pillows and a retro rug that isn’t too busy.

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  1. I love your furniture! I can wait until I can find my own “stick house” and begin my own journey to designing my surroundings. Love, love, love your furniture.


  2. I always drool when I see Lucy’s couch & would SO love to have one just like it. And that would go for yours too! That piece is an absolute beauty, and really, I had no idea it wasn’t vintage! Leave it to you two to come up with such a perfect piece to go with all your beautiful, authentic items. The couch & cocktail table are total “go-togethers” & are real WOW factors in your living room (IF one HAD TO narrow something down to two wow factors!)


  3. Do you get any of your decorating inspiration from the show “Mad Men”?


  4. Love it! I have been seeking a vintage sectional sofa for our living room, but my sweetie has the same reservations about vintage as you did (not particularly stable, foam decomposition, weird smells, etc.) I checked out the Outerlimits website after seeing your sofa, but it does not give hardly any information. Did you order directly or go through a showroom? Also if you don’t mind my asking, I was wondering about price range…Thanks!

    P.S. Your blog is great. I just found you today through the “Welcome to Deluxeville” blog.


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  6. I know how to order these. Now I need to figure out how to get an invite to sit on these beauties! Maybe Mel and I should have a “work from home” day in EG! 😉 jk – sorta! They are beautiful.



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