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Retro Planters

I found this really cool picture online of these understated planters with these small cacti. It looks great!

It is always great to have retro decor but sometimes people overlook the power of plants to make a space more inviting. Plus there are so many cool planters and plants out there to accent your living space you would have to be crazy not to incorporate them into your decor. Now you might be saying I have a brown thumb not a green thumb, not to worry because there are a lot of realistic looking fake plants that can pass for real as long as you don’t get anything too crazy. If you just cant bring yourself to buy fake plants then just make sure to research the plants you are interested in and pick ones that meet your skill level. I find that a lot of the cactus plants and small palms are easy to care for so maybe that will help. Anyways here are a few planters we have.

This is a great medium size planter with a philodendron doing great!

This bullet planter is sitting pretty with a corn plant in it.

These are my favorites.

Clock and a planter?! I love the little flowers on these cactus

I still need to find a plant for this great looking planter.

A few more little planters we need to get small plants for.

Pair of 1950's wall pocket planters.

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  1. (Me again…..:- )
    Omigosh! When I scrolled down to the 6th planter I let out a yelp! That’s just like the one I was trying to tell Melody about yesterday that we picked up. I told her it was one I knew she’d like & Voila! There it is! Maybe yours it larger – the one I got is around 10 1/2″ tall. Love the little cactus you put in it. Your planters are all gorgeous & pretty doggone hard to find – maybe I just need to look harder. Oh Hepcat – EVERYTHING you guys touch turns to gorgeous. Just like your beautiful hearts. ((HUGS)) to you both!



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