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Turning Trash into Treasure!

LOVE the frames......HATE the pictures!

When Mel and I went to S.F. to get the $5 clock the lady we purchased it from gave us these Asian picture frames with the bamboo edge blocks. I was soo elated when she gave them to me because I had a use for them in mind already. I wanted to put my pin-up girls in them and hang them in my Tiki room so I decided to knock that out today once I got back.

Here is the matte with the areas marked to cut out.

First thing I had to do was use some of my heavy drawing paper to make a matte to surround the pictures. I first drew it out making sure the spacing was correct. Once the marked areas were cut out I used some satin finish tan spray paint to color the matte so it looks more interesting. Then I mounted the pictures.

Here are a couple of the ladies mounted into the matte. Next stop is to put them in the frames!

Here they are both mounted in the frames and man do they look good. Don’t ever walk away from a free picture or frame…you may not like the art but you may be able to re-purpose the frame to make it way cooler then it was. I am very happy with the results!

These safari mama's are ready to entice you.

These two look great too!

Frames were free, had the paper and paint already. The only real expense were the prints and they were $10 each at second Sunday. It doesn't cost a lot to make a big impression.

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  1. again…..great job….we need to talk soon….have some info for you on some stuff


  2. Ho! I bet your eyes bugged out of your head when you saw those frames! I have a total *visual* & can you hear me chuckling?! Now do you see me falling out of my chair at the awesome job you did with them?! You NEVER cease to amaze. Oh I can SO see those babes in the tiki room. Two of them are kinda on the HOT side, but….eh, what’s a little jalapena on the side, right? ;- ) Nuther outstanding job kiddo!



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