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Retro Continental Art Company Lamps

Mel and I had these on layaway at a local antique store and picked them up today. These suckers are 25.5 inches tall! I really think the colors are awesome and so is the subject matter. The little gold accents really make them pop. I can’t decide what the figures are suppose to be. They look really good on top of the hallway table so I guess we will leave them there. Anyways, we really love their style. I hope you like them too!


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  1. Oh THUD! These are to die for & I just did! Gorgeous find! Congrats.


  2. i just bought these at a flea market! love at first site! although mine are not in mint condition like yours. just trying to figure out what lampshade to put on. what is the diameter of those if you don’t mind telling me. thanks



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