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7up Resto

Here it is in all its rusty glory!

While Mel was working on the end table I started on the vintage 7up sign.

Mel and I purchased this sign a while ago and I knew I was going to restore it when I bought it. The first thing I had to do is tape off the areas I didn’t want to paint. It is important to take your time and do a thorough job when taping. It will show in your final piece if you don’t take time to do it right. Then I sanded the rusted areas to smooth out the surface. Once that was done I spray painted the surface a biscuit color to give it an antique finish. It is important that once you are done painting that you remove the tape instead of waiting for the paint to dry. This is important because sometimes if you wait the tape will not remove cleanly. I then let it bake in the sun and now it is ready to be hanged.

The sign has been taped off and comes the paint!


Here it is all done. It will look great in the diner!

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    Fantastic post, Mountain Dew is the ultimate soft drink.



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