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The holy grail of all vw's are either a split oval rear window bug or a 23 window bus.

I have owned many vintage Volkswagen’s (people’s car) since I started driving. The last one Mel and I owned was a 1968 convertible. It had a tan top and interior and the paint was a light butter yellow a real show stopper. I have also restored a 1973 VW Super Beetle from the ground up. I will tell this to anyone thinking if restoring a car it is cheaper to buy a restored car then to restore it your self, trust me I advise against it unless it has sentimental value to you. These vintage VW’s are cheap cars to own but from my experience I have spent more time pushing them then driving them. It never fails that the person you buy it from will say the motor was just rebuilt and it runs like a dream, then two weeks later you find out that isn’t the case. Though these cars have their quarks they offer a unique driving experience. I have also owned two bus’s, one was a regular transporter and the other was a Westfalia camper. I find that I like to drive the Bus’s more than the VW cars. Anyways, here are a couple of commercials and a few photos of some really nice VW’s restored.

Here are some pictures of some real nice restored ones that have such a vintage flare to them:

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