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Gettin’ The Little Things Done

Today being that I wasn’t able to get a start on things till later, I decided to tie up some loose ends on some small projects.

The first thing I needed to finish up was to apply blackboard paint to the Pepsi sign so it takes chalk better. This is a pretty straightforward process. Tape off the area to be painted (if needed) and use a small roller (if a small job) to apply paint to surface. Once paint is applied then set in the sun to dry. Remove the tape and wait a day or so before applying chalk. If this is applied to a surface other than metal like wood for instance, you might have to apply numerous coats and light sand in between coats to try to achieve a smooth surface. I used a blackboard product made by Valspar that is carried at Lowes. Here is a picture of before and after, what a difference!

Here is how messed up the blackboard surface was before I painted it, you could hardly get the chalk to leave a mark.

In a day or so I will write out some cool phrase to add to its retro feel.

The next project I wanted to get knocked out was to hang the new pin-up girls that I framed, the Tiki masks and rearrange a couple of Carlo’s to make room for it all in the Tiki lounge. Here is what I was able to arrange. I like it I hope you do too.

Here are the masks and the pin-up girls looking good together.

I ended up clustering the tropical Carlo’s all together.

The next thing I had to do was hang the restored 7up sign in the diner. I have about 3 or 4 more soda signs/clocks to hang before I get rid of some of the clutter in the diner but I am making headway.

Here it is hung in the diner looking right at home!

The last thing I wanted to get done which I have been aching to get done was to hang the Moss Lamp Company wall plaque that we have had for a while but had not had a chance to hang. Mel and I purchased this from Frank a while ago and just had not gotten around to hanging it. I have never seen another one so I don’t think they are that common. I had to clean it up and install some artificial plants to dress it up. I like the amoeba shape of the plaque.

Asian style with yellow flowers.

Here it is hanging over our mirrored shadow box and the restored candy machine.

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  1. Oh Hepcat, EVERYTHING looks so gorgeous & elegant! I LOVE the Hawaii thing you put on the footstool(…”thing”…wrong word, I know, but my brain is fried from driving all day!). The Moss plaque is unbelievable! And the pinup girls, & Carlo’s, and, and, and…Dang, another great job on all. Darn good thing you’ve got hiiiiigh ceilings! BTW – could you please hook ME up with your friend Frank?!?! I need a new BFF ;- )



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