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Retro RC Cola Sign & Clock Resto


Mel and I purchased this sign from an antique store a while back. This is a light and a clock but I am unsure if I will plug it in and use it as such because we have a few other clocks and how many do you need in one room? Anyways, this sign needed a little cleaning up on the end caps and some paint of course.

The end caps were scratched up and rusty.

Once I removed the caps I cleaned them and sanded any loose paint off.

Here are the end caps painted up and looking nice. I wanted to change the color to make the sign stand out more.

Here are the newly painted endcaps and a new red accent line on both ends.

Here is the sign all done!

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  1. That RC Sign is a cool restoration. Let us know if you decide to sell it. Your site is excellent!


    • hepcatrestorations

      I appreciate your kind words. I am glad you like the simple resto I did on it. If I ever do decide to sell it I will let you know, thanks!



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