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Making Your Music Timeless

Man, there is nothing better the laying on the floor and listening to a great record......but what if it gets scratched? Want to find out how to preserve your music for a long time to come?

Ok, I am going to get a little tech on you.

I am a huge 40’s, 50’s and 60’s music fan. I collect records, 8 tracks, reel to reel and even cassettes. Being that I collect so many types of music, I wanted to convert them over to a digital format to preserve them and to catalog them easier. When I set out to do this I really had no idea how to get my music on these outdated formats over to a modern format. What I found was an ION MixMeister USB recorder interface. What does this mean you might be asking….it means that this little box will take the music from whatever stereo component it is hooked up to and introduces it to your computer in a digital format. The use of this interface is straight forward. It comes with a USB port and cable that plugs into your USB port on your computer. It has left and right audio inputs (red and white) that hook up to the ION box and the component (microphone, instrument, turntable, tape deck, 8-Track, Reel to Reel) to covert the audio format. ION sells many types of converters to change your format over such as USB turntables, USB tape decks. I have found the sound quality and durability of these sort of units is lesser quality. This MixMeister interface allows you to use your higher end quality stereo equipment to convert from, thus getting a better sound. Anyways, I hope this helps any of you who are wanting to do this.

The intentions of this information isn’t to make you throw all your old formats out after being converted but to help protect your collection. I will never get rid of my records, 8-tracks, reel to reel or tapes but this ensure that if something ever happens to my music collection it is backed up and will be preserved for years to come. Plus it is too expensive to start over and buy all the same music again in a digital format.

Quick Tip:

There are a lot of audio sources online where you can download music directly to your computer for around a dollar a song. If you go to Goodwill they sell cassettes for a dollar each and you get a whole album, all you have to do is convert it. That’s right, I am a thrifter too! You can’t beat the cost savings!

Here is the unit I purchased for around $40. There isn't a whole lot to it but it works great. You can see the red and white inputs on top and the USB cable on the right.

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  1. Dang! Why oh why did I toss all my old tapes?!?! I shoulda known someone would invent SOMETHING to convert them. Great info tho & I may start re-collecting them. BTW – do you think that looks like Eartha Kitt in that first picture? It sure looks like her to me! What a cute pic – it inspires all kinds good thoughts….relaxing (does ANYONE relax anymore?!), good music (IS there any anymore?!), a GREAT looking outfit (these fashions just HAVE TO come back!) and a darn good SMOKE ;- ) (Ok, don’t slam me for the last;- )


    • hepcatrestorations

      Ha ha!! No slamming from me!! It looks a lot like Eartha Kitt, but I’m not sure. I just pulled the pic off the internet. We should all take time to just lay on the floor and listen to music. But, it has to be with head phones because you get such a better sound with them. Also, it drowns out the noise of the world around you.



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