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Another Fine Day Of Pickin’!

Today Mel and I headed out to go thrifting. After hitting a couple of Goodwills and finding nothing we decided to abandon our thrift endeavor and turn to antiquing. We decided to hit a local antique shop and do some picking. They have a great assortment of items to buy. Here are the treasures we came across today…

Though I was on the hunt for flamingos I could not pass this set made by Stewart B McCulloch ceramics company in California.

Though there is no makers mark I love the colors and the detail of this bird. It is a great vintage piece.

We picked up these two great looking cats. The black one must be over 13 inches long with gold accents. The stripped tiger is very cool and is a planter as well. Again, another great addition to the Tiki lounge.

Ok, now for the grand finally…..Have you ever noticed when you are in a store you really never look up? Mel and I have been into this antique shop numerous times and I guess I never noticed the 50’s metal diner sign high up on the wall. When we saw this sign Mel and I knew that it must be ours and it ended up belonging to the owner. We enthusiastically asked if she would sell it and she said she would. Considering what we have paid for other signs we got this one for a song and a dance.

Wowza! I love this sign. It just SCREAMS 1950

Of course I wasted no time cleaning it up and hanging it.

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  1. I love everything you guys got today! I am glad you found such great items. My friend, Kelly, and I were in an antique store on J Street last weekend and she picked up a night light wiener dog… it was SO CUTE! I thought of you guys when she found it. Cheers!


  2. Wowee Wow Wow! LOVE your site. What a spot for vin-spiration (vintage inspiration natch). Love the things in your shop and your sense of style.


    • hepcatrestorations

      Hey Helen,
      Thanks for checking out our site. I am soo pleased that you like it. I took a look at your site and it is great. I love your advice and your quotes, great job!


  3. I wanna see the “dance”! Haha! GREAT finds. You’re runnin out of wall space in that diner Hepcat! LOVE the parrott! I’m so glad you’ve checked out Dear Helen – she is an absolute joy in my day and just waaaay too hilarious.



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