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1940’s Umbrella Stand Resto

I really do like pink but I wanted something a little more Art Deco.

We bought this stand with intentions of restoring it. I wanted it to have more a classic art deco style so I set my sights on that goal. The first thing that had to be done was to sand it all down to bare metal so the paint has a clean surface to adhere to.  Then I had to choose a classic color combo to compliment it, I chose black with evergreen Valspar spray paint. Both paints have a satin finish. I did decide to paint the top lid in a high gloss Rust-Olum black appliance paint to set it off. Once the top and body of the piece were painted I let them dry for a day. Then this morning I busted out the pewter colored pinstripe and black spray paint  to finish the stand. I wanted it to have some dimension so I drew a cracked front with a solid black portion behind it. I think it turned out great.

Here it is all sanded down and with a little bondo on the lid to fill a dent.

Here it is after to main parts are painted. It looks kind of plain but don't worry I have plans.

I applied the pinstripe and used a black paint pen to make the cracked design. The nI had to tape off parts of the design to paint the black sections.

Here it is with the black cracked design

Here it is all done with the black and silver crackle design. The umbrellas have a nice place to dry off now!

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  1. You are just TOO amazing! This is GORGEOUS and the crackle touch is SO interesting and creative – makes it REALLY pop! Just…WOW! High-five buddy!


  2. Oh I know LOTS of people would approve! That thing is awesome. You need to start selling your skills & talent to the world & stop keeping all the goodies for yourself! You are an extraordinarily talented young man. K, bye.



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