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50’s Portable Motorola TV Resto

Here it is before it gets the works!

I am a TV junkie, or I should say I am a retro TV junkie. I came across this TV at the city dump in the electronics junk pile. There were a couple of other really cool TV’s as well but if you have ever been to the dump then you would know they do not want you taking anything out of there. I was at the dump with my step-father so I asked him to be a look out while I smuggled it into our truck. It is too cool to let those machines crush it. I wish people would realize what they are doing when they throw things like this away. I may choose to get it repaired but we will see. I need another TV like I need another hole in my head……..but like I said I am a junkie.

This was originally pink in color, or maybe it was just a faded red. The cabinet was in good shape so all I had to do was remove the guts, pick the new colors, tape it off and add the pinstripe.

Here it is after all the refurbishing and with the guts back in it. This will be a great accent piece.

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  1. Love it you are truly a marvel.I am with you with what people throw away annoys me so much.Even the opshops throw things out that I know others could use for free.



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