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Vintage BBQ’s

Yes it is!

I love to BBQ. My two favorite things to cook are salmon and ribs! Anyways, I came across some really cool 50’s & 60’s things for grillin’ on the internet that I wanted to share with all of you. Remember that you can BBQ all year long…..summer, spring, winter and fall so don’t let the changing seasons turn you off.

Here are some great grills I would love to get my hands on!:

Ok, if anyone out there has a grill like this then please let me know, I want one! Anyways, this thing may look a little rough but look at the style. It even has a cutting board and side tray. I so want this but I would refinish it of course.

This was made by “Big Boy” manufacturing company. I spotted this at a local antique shop. It appears to be from the 1950’s.

The portable “Lawn Chef” designed by Raymond Loewy. It’s a foldable grill from the early 1950s.

Here is another great 1950’s grill.

Here are some really cool grillin’ accessories!:

These are really cool. They are a conversation piece.

Here is a great apron! I love the images.

If you need some great retro recipes then check out Goodwill. I can not tell you how much great retro literature we have found there.

Also, don’t forget the salt, pepper and other spices……grab some cooking utensils too!

 Once everything is done all you need to do is….

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  1. If I find one of those “Q’s” and the apron (a MUST HAVE! ;- ) for you by next summer will you “throw something on the grill” for us??? How’s the Motel sign coming along? It’s definately a bummer to have a paint job screw up but I know you’ll have it all right & ready & gorgeous if you don’t already!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Vic,

      I haven’t got back to the sign yet. I may hit it again on Friday or Saturday. I am too tired to work on it today. We had to take one of our babies (dog) to the emergency vet last night. He is ok but we were up late so it isn’t happening today.



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