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Great finds in Paradise

Mel and I shot up to Paradise California and we found some great things. It was the perfect weather to be out and the people there are so friendly and helpful. Here are some of the things we picked up!

We are starting to get a great set of old signs and this one is a cool original from the 30's or 40's.

This will look great in the diner.

Love the clock/sign.....hate the drink. This was one of the first diet drinks to come out. Mel loves it because of the starbursts.

Here is a cool Pepsi thermometer. This one may be from the 60's or 70's.

Here is an original thermometer made sometime in the 40's or 50's. It is in great original shape!

We also stumbled across some really great old porcelain street signs. I know the white one is from S.F. but I am unsure where each of the blue ones are from. These will add a bit of coolness to the diner as well.

We came across the old ad’s up in Paradise. I could just see these enticing customers in an old diner some where.

 Then we found the best find of the day…..a National vending machine. This little guy gives out peppermint patties at 1 cent each. This must be an old machine. It is fully functional, it just needs some new mints.

Here it is with its fragile glass cylinders. I am surprised the glass has survived.

Here are the "complicated" instructions on how to use it. Ha ha..

The glass still has the cool original stenciling.

Another age appropriate item for the diner.

Here's how it looks with the signs up.

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  1. Bout time you showed up! I been sittin here for 5 days all by myself for pete’s sake *G*. (BTW – first time ever seeing you without your hat – and still a darn good lookin Irish lad ya are!)..

    Ok, down to business – DANG, you guys made a grand HAUL! Paradise – I never thought to go up that way. I think you’re going to have to get another house just for all your signs! Great scores! I love the Tab clock for the same reason Mel does. And, of course you’d have to know I remember the first diet cola (I’m pretty sure) was “Diet Rite”. I remember all the ladies in the neighborhood being so overjoyed with it! Me & my sister too cause we were little tubby-wubby’s! Dad wasn’t so cool with it cause he worked for Hires Root Beer. Anyway, great to “see” you back again, and all your new treasures. Hope the little fur-guy is doing better!


    • hepcatrestorations noticed me in the reflection of the candy machine. You saw it while I was in the middle of fixing it..ha ha! The fur baby is doing better. His cough is going to go away in another couple weeks or so. Yeah, we’re running out of wall space. We’re going to have to cycle some of our stuff out soon. There is still the ceiling though…just kidding!!!


  2. So I think Mel should get a couple of starburst tatts….what do you think? And maybe Vickie can join us! I really want them behind my ear where they can “hide” when I am being all corporate-like! 🙂 Love the signs……and you DO need a bigger place! 😉 Cheers! xoxo Sherry


    • hepcatrestorations

      I think the only tattoos Mel could handle are the one’s that come out of gum ball machines :). LOL!!! She hates needles. It’s from lousy phlebotomists who always took a few tries before getting her vein when she was a kid.

      Thanks for dropping by!


  3. What awesome finds show us them when they are on the wall.When you run out of wall send the rest to me and Ill send you pics of how awesome they look ok? lol
    That last mint thing is very cool Do you keep most of your things or sell them on.I think you may be a collector somehow.I think Ill get rid of some of my vintage outfits then change my mind so bad I am lol


    • hepcatrestorations

      Hey Nelly!
      Will do! I guess I keep most of the stuff I come across. I try to update each thing I have with something better and then I sell the old one. I guess I am a collector or maybe a hoarder. I also sell items I restore. I did have a page where I was selling some items but I pulled it because I’m raising a shop on Etsy soon. I’ll post it under this blog when I finish raising it. Thanks for your comment!



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