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Retro 6 Band Bamboo Furniture Set Update!

Here is what we started with.....good god please don't shine a black light on them.

Well today we went over to B&T Upholstery to see our good friends Bill & John. John had finished re-upholstering the 10 cushions we dropped off. I almost hit the floor when I saw how good of a job he did. He matched up the patterns really well and it looks better than I could have ever hoped for. I am truly pleased with how well the fabric choice turned out. I can’t imagine any other fabric besides what we chose. So far I only have one of the chairs restored so this will motivate me to finish it all up so I can showcase the restoration and the talents of B&T Upholstery.

This upholstery even makes the bamboo look better!

You can see how well they matched the pattern to the other cushion.

Here is my motivation to finish the set.

This upholstery goes really well with the other Tiki items in the room.

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  1. Looks fantastic .now get to work want to see it all done lol


  2. Just….WOW! It’s going to be beautiful!


  3. This is so beautiful. My hubby would do our entire home in this style if I would let him! Great job by your friends. You are so right about the bamboo – it looks fantastic with the tropical pattern. And the colors are amazing. Can’t wait to see the entire set! Have fun doing it…Cheers!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Sherry. Yeah, tiki is a lot of fun :). Thanks for your support! I’ll try to get it done ASAP. I agree, John and Bill did a great job.


  4. wow! looks amazing. congrats!


  5. Love your blog! My wife and I recently ran across a Paul Frankl bamboo sofa. It’s structurally sound, but the bamboo is worn and faded. I’ve searched around the Internet and can not find a good solution to restore everything as I hear bamboo is difficult to stain. What do you suggest? I would like to retain its nice Amber color, should I paint or shellac it?



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