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Here is a look back at 1960!


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  1. Bout time you showed yourself around here again! Welcome home! What a fasinating movie! I watched part of it & bookmarked it to go back to later. Gosh, it’s all so a part of my own life. Frightening really when you realize it’s only a step up from silent films! Haha! Good to have you back kiddo – you were missed for sure. BTW…that skinny kid over at my blog looks like a beanpole & not the handsome hunky Irish lad he’s turned into ;- ) ((HUGS)) to you & the Adorable Mz. Kitty. ~Vic~


    • hepcatrestorations

      Hi Vic,
      I apologize for the delay in response. Travel and the holidays have monopolized all my time so I have been unable to restore or post. I promise to get back into posting and restoring after the holidays. Things have been so crazy that I can’t find any time to do what I want to do right now :). I really appreciate all your support and you being so vocal about our blog. I hope you weren’t one of the victims of the the Wal-mart Black Friday incident where a patron maced fellow shoppers…ha ha..Hope your holiday is great!!!


  2. Welcome Back !!!! You guys were missed


  3. I absolutely love your blog!



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