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Art Deco Family Heirloom

In my family we seemed to not really have any family heirlooms. My mom went back to see my family in Oklahoma and was in my aunts attic when they came across a West Germany Art Deco Starburst 8 day clock. My mom told me my grandfather won this at an auction many years ago and gave it to my grandmother. After my grandfather passed away some 25 years ago my aunt took it home and it made its way into the attic. I now have it and want to bring it back to life. This is a pretty simple restoration and the first I have had a chance to do in some time.

The finish was faded, chipped and tired.

The clock surround was really worn.

 The first step was to disassemble the clock, clean all the surfaces and get it ready for paint.

All clean and ready for new paint.

 I had to tape up the glass face of the clock and apply even coats of paint. I have used a lot of gold spray paints and I prefer Valspar gold. I find that it covers really evenly and dries fairly quick .

All laid out drying in the sun.

 Well after just a little effort it is finished and I think it looks great! It glows like the sun and will stay in my family for a long time.

Here it is!

Like new!

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  1. Can I just say LUCKY!!! Great restore job and a beautiful piece! Love it, love it, love it! Cheers! Sherry


  2. Well you’re just back with a vengance aren’t you! Making up for lost time – lucky us!

    Wow, gorgeous family piece and lucky (and so deserving!) you for being the recipient of this beautiful clock. I know how much you will treasure it. Great job – as usual – with the restoration.

    WELCOME BACK! We missed you!


    • hepcatrestorations

      Thanks Vic. I do feel lucky to have something from my families past. It does feel good to blog again, it has been too long. I will really get back into it once the holidays are over.



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